Author Item Exclusivity Policy.

Last updated on July 15, 2020.

Exclusivity means you can not sell, give away for free, or distribute in any other way your Exclusive Items (or Items related to them) anywhere else other than Vueghost. 

You choose which items you offer on an Exclusive or Non-Exclusive basis with Vueghost. 

If you choose to offer your item exclusively with Vueghost, you benefit from higher % of earnings (lower % of Author Fees) for each Exclusive item. (See “Author Fees” for details)

Exclusivity is set at the item level. This means that you, as an Author on Vueghost, can have exclusive and non-exclusive items under your Author account on Vueghost. 

It’s the items, not you as an Author, that are exclusive to Vueghost. 

If all of the items under your Author account on Vueghost are listed as exclusive, you will get “Exclusive Author” status. 

How to decide if an item should be exclusive or non-exclusive? 

If you are already offering the item elsewhere (on other platforms or on your own website), you must choose “non-exclusive” status for that item.  

You will not be able to change the status of non-exclusive items to exclusive.  

Only the items which are not offered anywhere else (other platforms or your website) can be listed as “exclusive” with Vueghost. 

You will benefit from lower Author Fees for exclusive items. (See “Author Fees” for details). 

You can change the status of your item from exclusive to non-exclusive. 

Once the status is changed, the Author Fees you pay to Vueghost for that item will immediately change to non-exclusive. You won’t be able to reverse that change. 

In other words, you won’t be able to change that item status from non-exclusive to exclusive.  

In short, item exclusivity status change rules are: 

  • You can change the item status from exclusive to non-exclusive, 

  • You can not change the item status from non-exclusive to exclusive 

               Item Exclusivity status change rules : 

Fees for exclusive and non-exclusive items

If you choose to offer your item exclusively with Vueghost, you benefit from higher earnings (lower %  of Author Fees).

  • Exclusive Fees will apply to Exclusive items. 

  • Non-Exclusive Fees will apply to Non-Exclusive items. 

     See “Author Fees” for details.

Does exclusivity apply to related items ? 

Yes. Once you decide to offer an item on an exclusive basis with Vueghost, any related item you create must also be offered exclusively on Vueghost. Items are considered to be related if they appear to the customer to be related, typically through naming or branding. For example:

  1. Product versions: items are named under the same brand, with additional name for the version:  

“Item Name” 

“Item Name” Premium

“Item Name” Elite 

“Item Name” Pro

“Item Name” Light 

“Item Name” Gold Package

  1. Multi Platform Versions of the item:  

“Item Name” for WordPress

“Item Name” for Drupal

“Item Name” for Magento 

Vueghost reserves the right to determine if the items are related. Decision criteria is if the items appear to be related to the customer. 

Consequences of breaching exclusivity:

If you breach the exclusivity, Vueghost may take the following actions, depending on the nature and severity of the breach:

  • Require that you change the status of your item to non-exclusive or we may change it on your behalf. The Author Fee we charge for the use of our platform will increase to non-exclusive for that item.   See “Author Fees” for details.

  • If the breach is serious or repeated, Vueghost may disable your account. 

Vueghost reserves the right to determine if the breach has been committed and the extent of severity. 

Version 2.0 , May 2020